Friday, November 18, 2011

Disney Marathon Essay Contest Update: Guess What?

I had mentioned in a previous post that I wrote an essay about how running helps me to reach my full potential for a contest at work. Well I am happy to say that my essay was chosen and I won an all expense paid trip to Disney and entry into the Disney Half Marathon in January. I am really excited and honored, but most of all I'm really proud of myself. My essay was truthful and openly discussed my motivation for running which was really nothing more than an attempt to heal over the loss of my son. I have a difficult time openly discussing this loss - so many people just really don't understand - but I can write about it and I have this overwhelming urge to make sure everyone knows that I have another child - one that is not with me, one that I miss every day and one that has changed who I am forever.

In addition to the essay, there was a follow-up Q&A that was posted on my company's internal website. I received a ton of feedback from people including women who have lost children. If they are struggling with the pain I hope that I some how gave them focus on how to heal whether it be by running or simply by talking about it.

I'm looking forward to Disney and to the marathon but most of all I'm looking forward to seeing thousands of inspiring people running their race and reaching the finish!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

An Amazing Gift

Earlier this week I had the honor of taking a walk with a woman who I have the most profound respect for. Her daughter was born full term and died shortly after birth due to anencephaly which is a birth defect where the brain does not develop or fully develop which results in either stillbirth or death upon birth.  This woman learned of her daughter's diagnosis at 12 weeks and after all the struggles of deciding what to do she made a choice....that choice was to give her daughter 10 months of life. What an amazing gift to give....what a great mommy she was and still is. Live in the present - if we don't then we're really not living.