Thursday, September 9, 2010

The After Life......

It has literally been forever and, of course, its not because I haven't thought of my little boy or missed him dearly - one of the hard parts of losing someone is that you have to move on with life and continue to live without them. I have been very busy - too busy and actually way too tired to post - but not too busy to keep my little boy in my heart and on my mind.

Today as I drove into work there was a psychic - Angelina Diana - on the radio station I normally listen to. She was talking to the dead for people - listeners would call in and she would describe to them the messages being sent to her from loved ones that had passed away. One woman called in and Angelina said she was sensing an older woman and a baby - a baby that hadn't been able to live in this world. After some discussion the woman determined it was her grandmother and the baby was one that she had lost. Angelina basically said that she was getting the sense that this woman wanted her to know that this baby was a part of the family and should not be forgotten - further affirmation that a person will carry the loss of their child to the grave.

I would love to hear (real or not) that my little boy is okay. I just want to know who is with him... I want to believe that he is surrounding by all our family up in heaven and that he is so much better off up there than down here. I know I probably sound like a fruit cake but sometimes when a person is sad they have to do what ever it takes to help themselves feel better.

Not a day goes by that I don't miss my little boy.